Sunday, April 10, 2011

Travel Trailer Insurance

Your road trip should be fun and at U.S. Insurance Services we want to make sure you have the right coverage to protect your needs. Our travel trailer program offers broad coverage and the right protection. With travel trailer insurance from U.S. Insurance Services, your only worry is having fun!

Travel Trailer Insurance Coverages Available

When pulling your trailer behind your vehicle provides insurance for property damage and bodily injury claims that you are responsible for as a result of an accident.

Off-Road Liability
Provides Liability coverage while your travel trailer is detached from the towing unit and not on a public right of way while being used for recreational purposes.

Comprehensive Personal Liability
For folks that use their trailer either as a temporary or permanent residence provides liability insurance against accidents that happen while in your trailer where you are legally responsible.

Adjacent Structures Coverage
Coverage for folks that use their trailer either as a temporary or permanent residence, provides property coverage for adjacent structures to your trailer. Items include awnings, steps, garages, fences, carports, cabanas, porches, skirting, utility sheds, AC units and oil or gas drums that provide heating/cooking.

Personal Effects Coverage
Provides coverage for personal items in your Travel Trailer for claims caused by Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Windstorm, Tornado, Earthquake, Burglary, Vandalism, or Flood. Personal Effects include cameras, clothing, cooking, utensils, dishes, foodstuffs, fishing-sporting-vacation equipment, and other personal possessions incidental to the use of your Travel Trailer.

Lenders Interest Protection
Protects the lender interest on your Travel Trailer (aka Lender) in the event damages occur to your travel trailer that may or may not otherwise be covered under normal coverage limits.

30 day trip collision coverage
Folks that use their travel trailer primarily as a temporary or permanent residence can purchase a 30 day trip collision coverage policy for times where they want to pull their trailer for traveling.

Trailer Towing Tips:

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